Explore the Monts du Limousin

Stones and legends

Stones and legends Monts du Limousin

Sometimes discreet, often mysterious, the stones of the Monts du Limousin have sparked through time local beliefs that are still kept in a special place today in the heart of the Limousin. They take singular shapes and find themselves in enchanting places during your discovery of our destination. So many places and legends that will take you to a fairyland and who knows… maybe will actually see a fairy!

Stones and legends Monts du Limousin

Tour of the stones and legends

15 km – Compreignac

The magic will always occur when you walk along it. Some places look enchanting, at least that’s how it feels like, especially around the fairies stones (or Fadas) or on the hill where the mask is hidden. Also meet on your way the turtle stone, the giant heart, the end of the moon, the bearded rock, the monkey head, the stone who saved the wolves, the three potatoes… As many places, as many legends.

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