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Destination Monts du Limousin

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La Pierre Branlante Monts du Limousin

The Wobbly stone

It is a gigantic rocky chaos perched at an altitude of 650 m from which the view stretches as far as the eye can see. In popular legend, it houses treasures guarded by fantastic beings, such as dragons and fairies…

Grandmont order Monts du Limousin

Grandmont order and its treasures

Set off to discover this Limousin religious order whose remains and treasures are revealed to you in the heart of the Monts d’Ambazac.

Valadon Space Monts du Limousin

Valadon Space

Space dedicated to Suzanne Valadon, model and painter born in Bessines-Sur-Gartempe, first woman admitted to the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts.

5 good reasons to come to the Monts du Limousin!

Did you know that the destination is located halfway between Paris and Toulouse? Discovering the Monts du Limousin means recharging one’s batteries as close as possible to nature, but that’s not all! You want to know more ? So follow us, we will explain why…

Landscapes Monts du Limousin
Monts du Limousin

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History Monts du Limousin


Churches, castles, lodges and many others are today witnesses to the history of the destination.

Culture Monts du Limousin


Museums, theaters or festivals, let yourself be seduced by the cultural offer of the destination.

Arts & Crafts Monts du Limousin

Arts & crafts

Whether artisanal or artistic, the know-how of the Monts du Limousin contributes to the identity of the destination.

Taste Monts du Limousin

Territory of taste

In the Monts du Limousin, we don’t joke about the taste for good things!
There is no shortage of local products and are sublimated by the producers.