5 good reasons to stay
in the Monts du Limousin!


A special stay
between stones and legends

Whether perched on the heights of our small mountains, hidden deep in our undergrowth or nestled beside our streams, they await you, silent… or almost!

Take the time to listen to the murmur of the witness stones that surround you. Approach their mysterious shapes, do not hesitate to touch their granite curves and there, supreme reward, you will hear their stories and their legendary tales. These old ladies modeled by the centuries, made confident by your attention, will tell you the memory of our ancestors and will take you on a journey through time and the imagination.

You won’t believe your ears!


On the nature sports side,
we guarantee!

More than 50 ! This is the number of hiking trails currently offered on our territory, i.e. more than 550 km of marked and secure trails just waiting for your sneakers to walk on them! Mountain bike enthusiasts, we have as many circuits to offer you, in relaxation or sensation mode, solo or in a shock team.

Mysterious but never inaccessible, the
destination of the Monts du Limousin is offered to all those who wish to take their time or who are looking for stronger sensations, whether on our paths, in the water or in the air.


Get in the mood

Our festivals give you an appointment every year from May until September. They bring together locals and visitors united by the same objective: to have fun!

These major artistic or musical events are 7 in number, and there is something for everyone: theatre, street performances, concerts for all styles… Maybe you know them, maybe you just ask to participate, in any case, are you ready to party?


in all its forms

A cultural visit to our various museums is a must, some of which are rich in their uniqueness in their regional, national, or even European contexts! 

Maybe you want to know more about Suzanne Valadon, where a space is dedicated to her in her birthplace in Bessines-Sur-Gartempe? Or do you prefer to have a glimpse of the mining history of our region? Eureka, we have the solution! The Eureka Museum in Bessines-Sur-Gartempe is an unprecedented site: the first interactive show trail dedicated to uranium ore.

Want some more adventures? Onward, dear visitors, culture waits for no one!



and gustatory pleasures

From the starred restaurant to the farm inn; from the burger cooked with delicious local products to the traditional and friendly restaurant… As we often say, happiness is on the plate, and this is true here!

Honey, cheese, meat… local products abound as well as good addresses, because this is also the Monts du Limousin: generous local cuisine that can be found on your plates and in your baskets!