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bed and breakfast monts du limousin

Brand Bed and Breakfast Reference for your Bed and Breakfast

Article L.324-3 of the Tourism Code defines guest rooms as furnished rooms in private homes to accommodate tourists, for a fee, for one or more nights, with services.

The guest room(s) must be located in the residence of the inhabitant, whether it is the same building or an annex building.

The rental of a guest room includes the bundled provision of one night’s accommodation and breakfast, combined with at least the provision of household linen. Reception is provided by the resident. He cannot rent more than 5 rooms per dwelling, nor accommodate more than 15 people at the same time. Each guest room gives access (directly or indirectly) to a bathroom and a toilet. It must comply with regulations on hygiene, safety and health.

The guest room differs from a furnished tourist accommodation by the actual presence of the owner on the premises. In addition, unlike a furnished tourist accommodation, a guest room cannot be classified according to the official star system. However, it can benefit from specific private labels.

When a room rental activity has more than 5 rooms and a capacity of more than 15 people, it cannot be carried out under the name “guest rooms” but “rooms at the inhabitant.”

It is a professional activity of a commercial or agricultural nature. It can be exercised all year round or during the season. The lessor must first register at the town hall, register and affiliate with Social Security.


Reference Bed and Breakfast is aimed at B&B operators who are not, or are no longer, members of a national brand or label. The room must be declared to the town hall. Unlike classifications and labels, Bed and Breakfast® does not establish a scale of value according to the service provided, but a minimum guarantee of quality, a guarantee for the customer that he or she will be well received. There is a charge for having your guest rooms qualified by reference Bed and Breakfast.


Responsible for tourist accommodation providers

Tel: 05 55 56 70 70 – 06 31 34 33 04

bed and breakfast monts du limousin

The procedure for joining is as follows:

– inquire at your Tourist Office,

– read the “Operator’s Guide”. You will find there the definition of a guest room, the criteria to be respected, the visual identity… Two types of rooms are offered: double rooms and family rooms.

– complete the “Visit Request” and return it to the Tourist Office accompanied by the descriptive statement, the signed charters of commitment, the town hall declaration receipt, and the rules and regulations.

– the Tourist Office will contact you to arrange an appointment to visit the guest room(s).

– Once the visit has been carried out, the complete visit file will be sent, by the person who carried out the visit, to the departmental award committee, so that the latter can decide on the award of the B&B® qualification. This procedure ensures the neutrality of decision-making.

– If the opinion is favourable, you will receive by mail a certificate to keep and a qualification certificate, as well as information relating to the means of communication linked to B&B®. The certificate must be available to customers in each room.

The departmental allocation committee will meet 4 times a year, at the end of each quarter, i.e. at the end of March, at the end of June, at the end of September, and at the end of December. Applications must be sent to SPL Terres de Limousin (Haute-Vienne Tourism) no later than 10 days before the date of the commission. Contact us to know the exact dates of the commissions. The cost of the visit is payable regardless of the opinion given by the allocation committee.

The validity period of the qualification is 5 years.

Additional information on the visit: if elements are missing on the day of the visit, the operator has a period of 15 days to remedy them. Photos can serve as proof. Depending on the nature of the criteria, a 2nd visit by the auditor who visited the chamber will be carried out.

Reference Bed and Breakfast® is not a label and will therefore not have the same communication and marketing objectives as labels. Reference B&B® will therefore not have a dedicated website, marketing plan, general public communication, sectoral and legal monitoring, etc. If this is the service you are looking for, we advise you to turn to national labels that can meet your expectations.

The communication that will be made around B&B® will come from qualified bed and breakfasts and organizations in charge of promoting tourism who so wish.


This voluntary qualification acknowledges compliance with criteria mainly of comfort predefined by the French Tourist Offices at the time of the visit and is granted for five years. Qualification is not based on an examination of compliance with the standards applicable to the activity, which it therefore cannot guarantee. This qualification is neither a label put in place for the State, nor a certification.

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