Base nautique de Saint-Pardoux



Période d'activité

From April to November


All levels


Dès 8 ans


Emilie et Stéphan

Often compared to the great Canadian lakes, Lake Saint-Pardoux is THE leisure resort of Haut-Viennois: more than 330 hectares reserved for calm, nautical or outdoor sports and leisure activities. In short, something to satisfy all desires and pleasures, all year round!

Sail on the calm waters of the lake, let yourself go with the flow of the water, find small isolated beaches on the banks of Lake Saint-Pardoux that only you can reach from the water… and maybe you you will discover a new favorite hobby! Tony Estanguet will just have to watch out!



Rarement dissociées, ces pratiques sont pourtant bien différentes : à genoux ou assis avec une pagaie simple sur un canoë; jambes tendues vers l’avant, au niveau de l’eau avec une pagaie double pour le kayak. En plus de vous aider à éliminer les excès de vacances, le canoë-kayak vous offrira une journée sportive ou de détente : trouvez votre rythme et appréciez cette parenthèse sur le Lac de Saint-Pardoux !

Stand-up Paddle

Stand up paddle (or sup for short) has come a long way since Polynesia! Standing on a board and paddle in hand, no waves, no white water, but a huge expanse for walking or sup hiking, the ideal practice suitable for all levels. To equip yourself, nothing could be simpler: a board, a paddle and a good mood!


Hoist high!


Summer camp

During the summer, the nautical base offers courses for young people aged 8 to 17 to introduce them to or improve their skills in nautical activities, outdoor activities or both! They are supervised by instructors with their state sailing certificate and federal instructors.


Lac de Saint-Pardoux – Site de Chabannes

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Base nautique et de plein air



    • Canoe and stand-up paddle: 10€ per hour, 15€ for two hours, 25€ for ½ day
    • Sailing: 15€ per hour, 25€ for two hours, 35€ for ½ day
    • Fun boat: 20€ per hour, 30€ for two hours, 45€ for ½ day
    • Catamaran: 30€ per hour, 45€ for two hours, 55€ for ½ day



    • Canoe and stand-up paddle:
      + 8 people.: 10€/pers.
      – 8 people.: fixed price of 80€
    • Sailing:
      + 8 people. : 14€/pers.
      – 8 people. : package of 112€
Your facilitators

Your facilitators

Emilie et Stéphan


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Pall Sailing Club

Affiliated with the French Sailing Federation, the club offers you the possibility of subscribing to an annual subscription in order to take advantage of all the activities. If you come to Saint-Pardoux occasionally, the club offers equipment rental by the hour or half-day.

La Ligue de l’enseignement

Two qualified permanent instructors supervise activities from April to November, such as canoeing, sailing, paddle, archery and even swin glof. The association also develops and creates stays, with or without accommodation, for groups of people.