Tèrra Aventura :

Get off the beaten track!

Discover the natural and rich heritage of our destination: a new generation treasure hunt to do with your family to fill up in adventures in Nouvelle-Aquitaine! The adventurers from 7 to 77 years old, with their smartphones, set off in search of 4 caches hidden around the Monts du Limousin.

The perfect activity that combine sport and culture, for the enjoyment of children and adults!


The courses take you on a treasure hunt, but to reach it you will go through a path filled with riddles to solve… You will perhaps come across the path of imaginary creatures! Hidden in the treasure are Poï’z, these little creatures with strong character to collect in the form of badges. They will tell you the theme of the trip : 



Today, Tèrra Aventura offers more than 550 courses unusual and fun in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Some are available for children, baby strollers, and bikes. They are classified according to the difficulty of the ground and the difficulty of the puzzle levels to solve. It’s a 100% free activity, based on the concept of geocaching. It’s a treasure hunt that is done with a smartphone. To play the treasure-hunting game, download the app on your smartphone, create your own profile, and choose the course that suits you the most!

Tèrra Aventura Monts du Limousin

The Monts du Limousin offer you 4 caches :

  • Journey to fairyland – COMPREIGNAC (6 km, 2h)
  • The terror of Epona – JABREILLES LES BORDES (6 km, 2h)
  • When comes the night, the bat flies – RAZÈS (7 km, 2h)
  • Suzanne’s palette – BESSINES SUR GARTEMPE (7 km, 2h)