The little mops

Treat yourself in Monts du Limousin !


Every summer, children and adults are impatiently waiting for them! The little mops is twenty or so activities offered by the Monts du Limousin tourist office for the great pleasure of everyone, from here or elsewhere.

Do you wish to delight your taste buds? Come try the tasty and fragrant honey by our beekeepers.

Do your children love animals? Let them approach Anthony’s cows.

Do you wish to know the little details and the great history of our villages and our celebrities? Follow the path and the voice of our Greeters and guides.

Would you like to meet our exceptionally skilled designers? Push open the door of their porcelain, leather or enamel workshops and admire all their talent.

And if you prefer to listen to the birds singing, discover the wealth of flora and fauna in a pit bug or arboretum, you can share unforgettable moments with our nature guides.

Time for activities!