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Are you organizing an event in the Monts du Limousin?
This space is made for you !

The Monts du Limousin region represents just over 600 events each year. They are the sign of a festive, friendly, and attractive territory thanks to the richness of the associative fabric.

The Tourist Office is the essential interface between your events and the general public: visitors and locals.

We need all of your information to put them in our agenda on our website Destination Mont du Limousin.

The events will also be relayed on various other media:

  • Our Facebook page: Tourisme Monts du Limousin which shares all the tourist and associative information of the Community of Communes ELAN.
  • Our Instagram account: Tourisme Monts du Limousin
  • The terminal present at the entrance of the Tourist Information Office of Bessines-Sur-Gartempe
In order to be able to transmit the animations of the territory for the creation of the various quarterly diaries, we must be informed of the events:
  • For events from April to June: before March
  • For events from July to September: before the month of June
  • For events from September to December: before September
  • For events from January to March: before December

If this is not the case, the animations will not be integrated into the agenda.

Do you want to announce an event or an event?

Carte MDL manifestations mont du limousin

If your event takes place in the Monts du Limousin – Communauté de Communes ELAN, complete the form below or send us the information to the email address:
If your event takes place outside the Monts du Limousin – Communauté de Communes ELAN, send the information to the Tourist Office attached to the territory concerned.

In your email, please send us the following information:

  • Dates of the event
  • Place of the event
  • Prices
  • Description
  • Posters or photos to illustrate the animation in .jpeg format
Mont du Limousin events

Annoncez votre manifestation, nous la diffuserons !

Dates et horaires

Lieu de la manifestation

Renseignements et/ou réservations


Photographie(s), photo ou affiche, un visuel permet d'identifier votre manifestation.

Si vous n'en avez pas, nous choisirons une image qui correspondra à votre thématique, depuis notre photothèque. (3 photos MAXIMUM 800px - 72 dpi)

Mieux connaître votre association pour mieux communiquer avec vous !